Looping! Finding Your Inner Child in Your Underwear on the Streets 1 Favorite 


Jan 1 2014


New York City, Worldwide

What is looping? Somewhere in between art, activism, and wackiness is this liberating experience. Matthew Silver and Fritz Donnelley, two New York City based performance artists got lonely acting silly in their underwear in public. Knowing that there were enough free spirits to join them, they started "Looping" and invited everyone to join them.

Basically looping is a bunch of people in outlandish costumes, underwear, or nothing at all who gather together in a public space like a park or the street to "perform." This performance allows the loopers to channel their inner child and do things most people would find absurd for grown adults: leap frog, spinning in circles, rolling on the ground, using a man as a mop, etc. For any onlookers this is at first shocking but soon the looping brings smiles to their faces. Sometimes even a passerby will be inspired to take off their clothes to join the fun. While not overtly activism, often performances will critique certain features of modern life like consumerism and our alienation from each other due to obsession with digital devices. Most of all looping allows people to forget the burdens and expectations that come with society - and just let go.

Everyone is invited so if you're in New York City join the Facebook Group and get Looping: https://www.facebook.com/groups/516859065119926

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