The LES vs. Hurricane Sandy Favorite 



Sep 16 2014



In anticipation of Climate March NYC 2014, Good Old Lower East Side, a non-profit focused on defending tenants rights and disaster preparedness outreach following the wake of Hurricane Sandy, implemented a arts-based intervention called "The LES vs. Hurricane Sandy". In partnership with students from NYU's Steinhardt school and volunteers, GOLES wrote and choreographed a Theater of the Oppressed-style performance that pitted the residents of the Lower East Side against the monstrous Hurricane Sandy and other effects of climate change. The fictionalized battle was performed in public spaces in and around avenues A-D, creating a spectacle that would attract onlookers os that GOLES could sign them up to join their contingent for the Climate March. Hurricane Sandy attacked the Lower East Side with special attacks drawn from real climate change devastations, while the LES reacted by organizing to protest and combat the villain.

GOLEs successfully reached over 100 people with the action, signing up around twenty people to march.

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