Leaving the Googleplex Favorite 



Jan 1 2009


Silicon Valley

"Ex Google employee Andrew Norman Wilson’s video Workers Leaving the Googleplex investigates the marginalized class of Google Books’ "ScanOps" workers at their international headquarters in Silicon Valley while simultaneously chronicling the complex events surrounding his own dismissal from the company."

"Andrew Wilson was subcontracted by Google to work at its Silicon Valley headquarters where he started an investigation into the company's class structure and what the different colored badges worn by employees represented. “I found the social situation interesting,” he says in the film. He became particularly interested in the yellow badge wearers, employees who are denied most of the Google benefits such as bikes and gourmet meals. Wilson’s investigation led him into conflict with Google when he was caught filming the yellow badge wearers in the parking lot and trying to interview them. Ultimately, he was fired from TransVideo. Wilson’s film is an interesting look at class as well as an honest personal story, and an inside look at the workings of one of America’s most powerful companies. "

Watch his project on Google's class structure: http://www.andrewnormanwilson.com/WorkersGoogleplex.html

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