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Jan 1 2013


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The Last Billboard is a 36-foot art installation located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Created in 2013, it features a steel frame and removable wooden letters that must be arranged by hand. Each month a different artist, activist or individual is invited by creator and curator, Jon Rubin, to come and utilize the billboard space. The participants share messages over this medium in the form of thoughtful questions, esoteric musings, or other visual means. For example, one artist, Marc Horowitz, shared installations featuring a phone number that viewers could call and ask questions or to be read a poem.

According to Rubin, "The billboard is a publishing system for thoughts and ideas from around the world all presented in the sky over a building in the East Liberty neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Participating artists, writers and children have included Nina Katchadourian, Steve Lambert, Michael Crowe, Matt Shain, Maude Liotta, Marc Horowitz, Lenka Clayton, Joshua Beckman, Anthony Discenza, and Packard Jennings. The billboard sits on a busy urban throughway and is potentially viewed by over 10,000 people and cars a day."

The Last Billboard presents an interesting alternative to how "ad space" can be utilized in order to facilitate thought provoking text arrangement. Upcoming artists who will participate in this project include Pablo Helguera and Milena Bonilla.

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