The Last American Indian On Earth Favorite 



Apr 17 2013


Multiple U.S

"The Last American Indian on Earth", a performance art piece by Gregg Deal,a member of the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe originally based in northwestern Nevada.The project documents what happens when an unsuspecting public is confronted with the flesh-and-blood version of a stereotype, one that for most is the only authentic expression of what it means to be an Indigenous person of the American continent.

"The purpose of this project is to raise questions about Native people, often viewed as a relic, and how they're perceived
in the modern age," Deal explains in a press statement about the work. "How will [people] react if they saw me, a Native dressed in buckskin and a headdress, doing something as mundane as shopping for cereal at the grocery store? How will they react if they saw me eating Chinese food in China Town or taking pictures of buffalo at the National Zoo?"

This piece is a window into the funny, sarcastic, truthful, and even emotional journey of an artist using himself as an instrument of awareness, exploring questions of Indigenous identity and America’s problematic and often inept relationship with her nation’s First Peoples.

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