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Jan 1 2016



Born as a side project Las hijas de Violencia approaches the subject of street harassment and gender based violence through performance art, punk and video that is addressing socially legitimized male violence. "As actresses and as women we feel directly affected and consider it urgent to address the real cause of the problem: its ideological nature. Just as our stake through that art-making through feminism Thus was born the idea of an art project that besides seeking an aesthetic proposal is a public cry to invite reflection of the issues we address: Harassment . street sexual and taboo of menstruation Beyond aesthetic considerations, the phrase of Paul Klee "Art does not reproduce the visible, it makes visible" represents the starting point for the daughters of Violence; our creative instinct is to demonstrate what we have taken for granted and socially have spared no question. We are the daughters of violence, we carry years of wandering a hostile public space that accommodates the female body as a body but transiting a body external to the enjoyment and enjoyment. That same body is the target of large advertisements that awarded him a flawed system: menstruation. A not compatible with the production system or the imaginary organ function. We resume these "constraints" and show them to the light of art as mere power systems."

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