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Oct 9 2013



The Uganda National Contemporary Ballet (UNCB) presented a new powerful and moving production advocating for the child soldiers all over the world at the National Theatre in Kampala.

Choreographer Valerie Miquel said, “I would like to give you the message that a 12 years old former Ugandan child soldier Robert has given me: “Please do your best to tell the world what is happening to us, the children. So that other children don't have to pass through this violence.”

In August 2007, after the war in North Uganda, Valérie Miquel made a trip in the area of Gulu, a city in South Sudan, to meet former children soldiers and visit refugee camps. In 2013, she went back to Gulu to meet the former child soldiers and the, now adult, escaped Ugandan child soldiers from Central Africa. She has chosen to use her art to advocate for the child soldiers, keeping the promise she made to them, that she will use her platform to raise their voices.

Choreography by Valerie Miquel,
Music composed by Niktus, Werner Goos, Henning Brand,
Live Percussion by Samuel Nalangira,
and 8 Ugandan dancers/drummers

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