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May 14 2012



It's My Body! was initially a project for Stephen Duncombe's Media Activism class during Spring 2012. We designed and developed the concept for the class, but have yet to set up the actual website. The images below show the site's layout.

The It’s My Body! campaign seeks to educate women about legislation impacting their bodies while empowering them to do something about it. By connecting women with the legislation happening at state and federal levels, we hope to illuminate some very real problems and dangers focused on specific parts of the female body. This sites is not only a place to learn but a place to act. It is a forum to share your ideas for activism and a place to get ideas on ways that you can make a difference. We hope that viewing this site encourages YOU to talk to your friends and family, take action, and let everyone around you know, "IT’S MY BODY". Get mad, get empowered, and get involved in the fight to preserve your rights.

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