Identity/Identidad Favorite 

Identity/Identidad was included in The Disappeared exhibition at the El Museo Del Barrio from February 23rd to June 17th 2007. However, this project was exhibited over a long period of time at numerous different locations.

The project consisted of a line of black and white photographs and mirrors snaking around the museum exhibition space. There would be a portrait of a man, next to a portrait of his wife, next to a mirror. This pattern was repeated over and over again. The men and women pictured had been captured during The Dirty War in Argentina, and all of the women had been pregnant at the time they disappeared. The man was murdered and the woman was murdered shortly after the child was born and sold into adoption. This project not only successfully provides a space for reflection and awareness, but it also acts as a means for an adopted child to find their true parents. Looking into the mirrors provided and seeing the portraits hanging next to them, one could come to the realization that perhaps they are looking at portraits of their parents. A DNA tree accompanies this project in order to provide concrete matches. Over a hundred matches have been found through this work. There are also therapists on hand to work with these matches, while providing context and support. In this way the project is transformative and moves from the symbolic to the actual, or truly engages with a community in order to change the world.

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