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Jan 1 2012



In 2011 a protest movement started in Israel. Citizens expressed their demand for a fair distribution of resources, claiming for the lack of housing and maintenance of the buildings and apartments, due to the privatized housing schemes. In these instances no one feels responsible for maintaining buildings and those in need are forced to live under poor and risky conditions. The Home Improvement Service, therefore, set up a structure to provide apartment renovations in the Jessy Cohen neighborhood with no cost to residents who can´t afford it.
First, they started to visit different apartments in order to be able to prepare a list of needed renovations. With this information, it was possible to find project partners who were willing to donate the necessary material, expertise and time to repair these damages. Partnerships were established with local businesses and professionals. Also community groups, schools and youth groups were asked to participate in volunteer work.
The goal of the project was to improve the conditions and the maintenance of housing in the neighborhood.

All information from Arte Util.

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