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Jul 27 2012


Peckham Square, London, England

In partnership with Southwark Council, Peckham Settlement, Peckham Space and Resonance FM. Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England and Kickstarter Campaign supporters.
HOME is a public art work, audio and visual, reflecting Peckham residents’ ideas of why the area is home. The outcome was a community built multicoloured brick like public living room. Community interviews became mp3 tracks embedded in the structure so the public could hear different concepts of home ( on headphones). The colour code reflected the time interviewees have lived in Peckham. The 10 foot square public living room hosted a sound booth enabling public-run interviewing. HOME was built and used throughout the Olympics (July 27th- August 12th), engaging and being experienced by thousands. My aim was to make a work that reflects Peckham’s communities opinions as a whole and them individually while hopefully furthering their connection to where they live- HOME. In effect the work was a portrait of the community at this moment in time.
With social researchers we interviewed in all areas of the community ( June/July). These brief audio interviews asked the following three questions:
- How long have you lived in the Peckham Area?
- Do you consider Peckham your home? Why or why not?
- In one word how would you define home?
Using art as a platform, the work aimed to foster dialogue about pride or lack there of for Peckham. After the riots of last summer, this is a moment to rekindle those emotions in a constructive and creative way. Simultaneously inviting the public to build a work of art, that they can take ownership of and hang out in.

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