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Sep 1 2004


United States


The mission of the Hip Hop Caucus is to organize young people to be active in elections, policymaking and service projects. We mobilize, educate, and engage young people, ages 14 to 40, on the social, issues that directly impact their lives and communities.


The Hip Hop Caucus is a national, non-profit organization, which utilizes the power of hip hop and the hip hop generation to organize young people in urban communities to be active in elections, policymaking, and service projects. The Hip Hop Caucus movement has grown from the first Hip Hop Caucus in September 2004 with 900 attendees to currently being represented by nearly 700,000 young people around the country.

The Hip Hop Caucus was established to provide a comprehensive agenda for the Hip Hop community both domestically and abroad. The Caucus’ programs promote social and political equality in the areas of Economics, Education, Health Care, Housing, the Environment and Social Justice. The Hip Hop Caucus is the fastest growing member of the Black Leadership Forum and a member of Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights.

By communicating through Hip Hop culture, educating and empowering celebrities to become spokespeople and advocates, using urban radio and websites, and outreaching to people where they are (in the streets, barber shops, beauty salons, clubs, and community centers), to create echo chambers for messaging, HHCEF builds trust within our community and mobilizes them in numbers. The Hip Hop Caucus re-shapes how young people from lower income, urban communities are viewed by the media, elected officials, and the greater public who are isolated from the plight of our communities. HHCEF helps young people amplify their voices from the streets to seats of power.

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