Herself 3 Favorite 


May 13 2015



Herself.com may not be safe for work, but it FEELS safe for work. That's how intimate and gorgeous the shots of these naked women are, they transcend, for some, the feeling that you are looking at the taboo. You are simply looking at a person, in a quality of artistry that you might not be used to seeing on what are deemed "regular people". But here they are, and they are wonderful, and droopy in places, and cracked in others, but they are still very much themselves. How else can you describe them? They are themselves.

Caitlin Stasey started out with herself. She is the first subject on the website. The project began with the question, how do you capture a woman in her breadth without just sexualizing her, or reducing her to one moment, one physique. The women on herself are their pictures and their words side by side. Not just any pictures, not just any words, but questions about gender and sexuality specifically.

If anything, Herslef feels incredibly deliberate. Refreshingly deliberate. Go check it out. Maybe not while you are at work, but at some point.

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