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Aug 31 2007



Miku is a Japanese virtual idol. She is 16 years old. Miku is created in 2007 and has been heavily promoted since 2008 and was originally aimed at professional musicians. On September 12, 2007, Amazon.co.jp reported sales of Hatsune Miku totaling 57,500,000 yen, making her the number one selling software of that time. She was the first vocal to be developed and distributed by Crypton Future Media and sung in Japanese. Her instant success is owed to Vocaloid being a cultural hit in Japan and she reportedly sold 40,000 units by July 2008, selling on average 300 units a week. By January 2011, she had sold 60,000 units.

Many people love virtual idols like Miku since this kind of idols can satisfied more of their imaginations of perfection and interact more with fans. For instance, most of Miku's songs are created by her fans who are musicians or have talent in music.

However, a criticism of Miku is that she shows lots of stereotypes of culture. For instance, as a virtual idol, Miku could be any age, but she is 16. When people were creating Miku, they also add their mainstream understanding and stereotypes of her. Also, in may Japanese anime, the female protagonists are often around 16.

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