Guerrilla Girls- Twin Cities “takeover” Favorite 



Jan 20 2016

A project as expansive as the Guerrilla Girls Twin Cities Takeover is a first for them. Kicking off on January 21, the festival will comprise a series of events by 30 different groups, which will take place until March 6 at more than 20 arts and cultural organizations in and around Minneapolis/St. Paul. A network of local art activists will be mobilized, and the Guerrilla Girls have been working in tandem with the area’s youth groups to prepare. In addition to an installation of several iconic Guerrilla Girls posters at the Walker Art Center, the Minneapolis College of Art and Design will showcase work created by students — in collaboration with the women — that highlight their concerns with homelessness, student debt, income inequality, trans issues, and police brutality. “They really made us think about our work, our language, and some of our issues in a different way… We’re really appreciative, education and learning goes both ways,” said Kahlo.

According to Kollwitz, it’s a “fantastic time for creative activism,” and they enjoy lending their expertise. “Everyone wants to do some good in the world. And we are kind of a model for doing it your own crazy way.”

The takeover will also feature dozens of related exhibitions, panels with the Guerrilla Girls, a projected “intervention” in the Minneapolis Institute of the Arts that critiques its own lack of diversity, and youth-oriented events to encourage activism. Local youth groups were even given vacant storefronts to project their messages.

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