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Apr 10 2014


New Delhi

Delhi- based graffiti artist who goes by the name Daku went around South Delhi, one of the poshest places in the city, and painted on overflowing garbage cans.

It is both a call to the civic bodies to clear the garbage from the streets, and a critique on the culture of the inhabitants of South Delhi, who care more about sporting high end brands than disposing off their garbage properly. The garbage often sits uncollected for days, contributing to air pollution and the spread of diseases.

The series is called kuda, the Hindi word for garbage. If the syllables are reversed, it becomes daku, the artist's name (meaning bandit).

The paintings include a bottle of the popular Chanel no. 5 perfume, and the logo of the high end brand Louis Vuitton. Both logos, while resembling the original ones, spell out his own name.

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