The Grace Period Blog/Performance Favorite 


Nov 21 2013


New York, NY

“The Grace Period” is a live blogging platform with seven anonymous contributing bloggers called: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Through, videos, writings, and visuals they present multiple perspectives of landing/creating a meaningful job after school in a country where personal and national debt is high and jobs are few. In this environment, will our creative spirits be resilient? We propose the questions: What value does post-secondary education have for Artists and Academics after graduating? How is value defined in the United States?

Americans have serious DEBT–and a lot of it! Let’s start a conversation and find a solution. This is not a blog to gripe about our debts, but to laugh, celebrate, cry, and (okay…) maybe rant just a little! Please participate, challenge us, and most definitely join us in New York City for a performance/celebration on November 21st, which marks the end of the Student Loan Grace Period for many recent graduates. It’s going to be EPIC. More details to come!

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