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Mar 18 2015



Google entered the art game in 2011 with the introduction of its Art Project, working with 17 museums and expanding further to over 150 institutions in 2012. Last June, Google added 5,000 images of street art from around the world to the project and today it has announced that it will be doubling that number to 10,000 with the launch of the second edition of its Street Art Project. Google is working with over 80 different organizations from 34 countries on the project. It allows you to experience the often transient artworks in every shape and form from stencil and mosaic to installations and collage.

What makes this experience different to simply exploring on Google Maps for popular street art spots is the fact that you can listen to the stories behind the piece in street view tours of places like Indian Alley in LA or learn about the East Side Gallery in Berlin as well as learning about street art history through the ages.
All of the images are now available on the Google Art Project Chrome extension, Chromecast, Android Wear and mobile devices. TV screens can be turned into a backdrop to showcase the art and Street Art Watch Faces can be downloaded for Android Wear devices.

Google’s growing Art Project is offering a new way for people to discover and explore art that often goes under-appreciated around the world by bringing it to a new medium that will outlive the original canvas.

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