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Dec 15 2015



This Girl Can is a campaign launched by England Sports to encourage women to be active no matter how they do it or how they look. In common culture, the trend is to be fit, active, and toned. Social media is filled with women having "the perfect body", sculpted to perfection in every way. Although being healthy and fit is attainable with hard work and dedication, most women struggle to attain their goals. A major hindrance is their fear of judgement, especially by other women - not being the right size, not being fit enough, not being skilled enough. In reaction to these misconceptions, England Sports began their "This Girl Can" campaign, highlighting stories of real women who jiggle, sweat, and are red in the face. Their website and social media feature women of all ages, doing the activities that they love. Each woman is shown doing her fitness routine with a personal quote. Each picture additionally links to a page for information about that activity, such as running, swimming, Zumba, etc, and ways to get involved. This Girl Can is an empowering campaign that not only highlights real women, but also encourages women to find their passion and begin their personal journey to health and happiness.

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