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Apr 1 1995



FOKAL is the hub in Haiti where locals and international visitors from all walks of life -- artists, writers, citizens, activists-- come together to discuss the most pressing nation- and community-building issues, enjoy cutting edge artistic expressions, and share their ideas.

In collaboration with UNESCO, the French Institute, Fondation Culture Création, and Africamérica, FOKAL offers youth the opportunity to participate in international conferences, festivals, literary debates, tours, exhibits, exchanges and workshops to promote Haiti’s vibrant creativity within the country and throughout the world. FOKAL also participates in the creation of the Theater Festival Quatre Chemins (Crossroads) a festive and intense moment of reflection and debate on Haitian life, as well as a space of free expression between the artists and the public in Haiti.

FOKAL has suported Haitian artists in the visual arts, literature, film, dance and music. For example, FOKAL's partnership with Le Centre d'Art is a worthwhile experience. Le Centre d'Art is credited with establishing the Haitian "naif" (or primitive art) movement in the international art scene. International art institutions such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York sought out Le Centre d'Art in their search for highly regarded Haitian painters such as Hector Hyppolite, Rigaud Benoit, Georges Liautaud and Edouard Duval-Carriè.

In addition to its amazing art collection, Le Centre d'Art offers unique programming with classes, workshops, and studios of some of the leading Haitian masters. They share an attractive content for artists and their audience in respect to the Centre's values of openness, sharing, diversity, and excellence.

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