Feminist protest against Fujimori and forced sterilization 1 Favorite 



Mar 11 2016


Lima, Peru

Thousands took to the streets in Lima, Peru, on March 11 to protest conservative presidential frontrunner Keiko Fujimori, daughter of former dictator Alberto Fujimori, and demand that her candidacy be revoked amid accusations of vote buying.

Protesters called attention to the brutal legacy of the Fujimori regime, which included forced disappearances, tens of thousands of forced sterilizations of mostly poor and Indigenous women, and other widespread human rights abuses. Fujimori, whose presidency began in 1990 and later morphed into a dictatorship, fell in 2000 and has been in jail since 2007.

During the protests, women adorned their bodies with paper uteruses and fake blood.

Fujimori denied there was a state policy of forced sterilization, but stated, “If there was any woman operated without her consent, she will have to be compensated by the state.”

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