Fake Eviction Notices Favorite 


Apr 25 2014


New York University

On the morning of April 24th, 2014, members of NYU's chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine signed into several NYU dorms and slipped eviction notices under all of the doors. The eviction notices were written to raise awareness about the eviction of Palestinians from their homes by the Israeli government and stated very clearly at the bottom of the page that they were not real.

Nonetheless, many students were startled and outraged. Claims of anti-Semitism flew freely, despite the fact that SJP had consciously decided to avoid putting the notices in the one NYU dorm known for its particularly high Jewish population. They slipped the notices under all doors in the dorms they visited, with no discrimination based on any factors.

The purpose of the notices was to simulate the feeling of being evicted from home so that students would become more invested in the Palestinian side of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. By harnessing that feeling they also aimed to give students an avenue to end New York University's involvement in the conflict, which is the campaign that SJP is running. It certainly succeeded in its goal of starting a dialogue, although the students involved are not potentially facing disciplinary action from the university for the action.

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