Exposing Disordered Eating 2 Favorite 



Oct 15 2014


Grinnell, Iowa

Exposing Disordered Eating is a photographic exhibition intended to show us the images we rarely see. In American media, representations of disordered eating are conditioned and controlled; all we are shown is the crumpled, emaciated anorexic figure with sunken eyes and cheekbones. This image is both unrelatable and othered, and it fails to capture the reality of modern eating disorders: they are omnipresent, multifaceted, and sneaky.

The exhibition includes two parts: rituals and implements. The implements are objects that may seem insignificant to many, but signify the daily struggle of people affected by disordered eating. The rituals highlight the neurotic nature of the disorder: they capture the habits that simultaneously both sooth and torture so many people’s minds—constantly. Together, these images aim to spread awareness about disordered eating, and to make visible the multiplicity of manifestations of the disease.

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