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Feb 25 2016


Manila, Philippines

In time for the 30th Anniversary of the famed EDSA People People Revolution, a two-day pop-up museum in Camp Aguinaldo serves as a vivid reminder of a significant period in Philippine History.

The interactive museum, which is composed of nine halls, recreates the martial law victims’ struggle for democracy, including the events that led to the bloodless revolution in 1986.

Through the concept of a guided museum tour, visitors will be able to relive the collective experiences and oppression committed against martial-law victims, which organizers warned may be “disturbing, haunting, and uncomfortable.”
The halls represent various phases of martial law and periods in history, which are retold through the elements of theater, cinema, photography, installation and other arts.

The museum’s nine halls are the The Hall of Restless Sleep, The Hall of False Dreams, The Hall of Orphans, The Hall of the Lost , The Hall of Pain, The Hall of Forgotten Martyrs, The Hall of Awakening, The Hall of Reality and The Hall of Action.

It aims to attract and engage the youth or the so-called millennial generation who were not able to witness and experience the struggle for democracy and the atrocities committed against Filipinos.

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