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Apr 6 2016



"Everyday Iran”, inspired by “Everyday Africa”, is the most widespread mobile photography project based on social networks in Iran which started since early in 2014.

We in Everyday Iran ask the whole people who live and work in Iran to send us their photos of daily life in the country with #everydayiran. Those photos which are selected by 5 Iranian curators are reposted on our social media pages.

By displaying mobile phone images from our day-to-day lives we hope to work against the stereotypes and visual tropes that are so prevalent about the region in the mainstream media.

These photos show our life styles, our culture, touristy and historic sites and religious places. Wholly, they reflect social realities of Iran.

However it's a young project, it has turned into a national movement with more than 15,000 active photographer from more than 1000 cities and 30 provinces in Iran and has reached more than 2,000,000 viewers per month from all around the world.

With 79% Foreign viewers, Everyday Iran has the most global viewers among Iranian visual media.

For information on becoming a sponsor or partner, please email info@everydayiran.com

How to participate in Everyday Iran

For participation please consider the followings:
1. Instagram account needed
2. Only photos taken by mobile phones are accepted.
3. Your personal Instagram account should be public.
4. A caption must be provided either in English or Persian.
5. Use our hashtag on your Everyday photos so we can see what you see.


Your Everyday

Every place has an everyday.
We need you.
We believe that journalists play an important role in telling the world’s stories, but we cannot be everywhere.
We hope to inspire and teach others to tell the stories of the world around them.
Start your own Everyday feed where you live – for your country, city, neighborhood, even your block.
Tell us about it.
If you’re interested in joining the Everyday community, you can read our Everyday Everywhere Starter Guide for advice and tips.

Via: http://www.everydayiran.com/about-us/

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