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May 20 2008


London England

With an estimated four million surveillance cameras, Britain is by far the most-watched nation on earth. Every Londoner is on camera about 300 times a day. How could this come about in George Orwell’s mother country? What were the ignition sparks for this development? Why haven’t other nations copied the schemes if they really are as successful as the Home Office and the police are saying? Is there a real effect in crime reduction or has CCTV only been introduced for the people’s ‘peace of mind’? Are there any vested interests in the proliferation of CCTV?

Trying to answer questions like these, Nino Leitner’s one-hour documentary “EVERY STEP YOU TAKE” digs deep into an entirely British phenomenon: nation-wide video surveillance. It features formal interviews with the surveillance researcher Professor Clive Norris, Deputy Chief Constable Andy Trotter from the British Transport Police, a representative of Britain’s largest civil rights group Liberty, a CCTV manager from a public local CCTV scheme, experts in the field of transport policing and many more. The surveillance reality in Britain is compared with another member of the E.U., Austria. Compared to the UK, it can be seen as a developing country in terms of CCTV, but just as elsewhere all over the world, politicians are eager to extend the surveillance gaze.

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