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Apr 27 2012


Miami, Miami FL

"Nearly 2 million decaying Goodyear tires lie submerged off the coast
of South Florida, decrepit hunks of rubber that have gradually succumbed
to the pressures of tides and tropical storms. The steel cables that
once strung them along the ocean floor have snapped, and many have
drifted into the natural reefs only 70 feet away, permanently scarring
them. What is now a 36-acre underwater junkyard was once the
Osborne Reef, an ambitious effort by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
and Broward Artificial Reef, Inc., to create a habitat for an influx of
game fish, which would in turn attract tourism to the area. Now, it is
the focus of Eclipse, an exhibition by Berlin-based artist Hannes Bend at Miami’s Charest-Weinberg Gallery. “The exhibition combined my art with an environmental interest I have had since childhood,” Bend says. To prepare for Eclipse,
he researched artificial reefs across the world, including ones off the
coasts of Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, and Africa—all of which have
failed to foster and sustain oceanic life. “Failure,” he says, “reveals
more about environmental and social conditions than success.” (Matt Balmaseda, GOOD Magazine) Read full article at link below.

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