Drawing For Peace Favorite 



Oct 1 2006


Champaign, IL

Aaron Hughes, an artist-activist and Iraq War veteran walked into the middle of a busy intersection in Champaign, Il. where he was then going to college, and propped up a signboard that read:
“I am an Iraq War Veteran.
I am guilty. I am alone.
I am drawing for peace.”

He began drawing an image of a bird on barbed wire. He continued drawing as people walked by and cars passed. Some stopped and continued on. Some busses were blocked from passing.

"I just wished people would stop for ten minutes and just think “we are killing people”. - Aaron Hughes.
"A cop dragged me out of the street and threw out my chalk and left. I went back into the street and there was a whole exchange.There was nothing more I could do, the traffic started going at that point." - Aaron Hughes.

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