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May 7 2013

Occupy Wall Street's art offshoot, Occupy Museum, has a new initiative: deconstructing the commercial art fair model. They are calling this art fair antithesis the DebtFair. Last May at the Frieze Art Fair, Occupy Museum distributed flyers and protest literature for an Un-Frieze event. Since they found last years efforts to be less effective, this year they are planning a "radical overthrow of the heavily commodified fair model." Whether this movement will take off is unknown. However, the activists in charge have met to "gauge the mission and capabilities of this ambitious effort, which seeks to predicate compensation for artists’ work on their debt load, allowing patrons to make direct payments on their student loans or outstanding consumer credit."

The project's website describe the effort as follows:

"Debt Fair is a series of experimental market-actions to address the massive debt crisis in today's art sector. Decentralized, on- and off-line, crossing institutional hierarchies in both public and private spaces, artists contextualize their work within the narratives of their actual economic lives. Collectors receive artwork in exchange for checks signed directly to the artists’ loaning banks."

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