Cop d' ull 2 Favorite 



May 1 2002



This project was born a few days after a demonstrator lost an eye after being hit by a rubber bullet shot from police guns in Barcelona. Unfortunately, it was not the first time. "Cop d' ull" means a "a blow to the eye" and also "at a glance”, which is a perfect description of this project. Sixty silver balloons filled with helium float higher than any advertising billboard, higher than any police line, displaying a series of photographs pasted on them. Portraits of indignado protesters, young people, old people, and children, laughing in the middle of any protest. The smaller balloons also display a series of eyes, cop d’ull, which defy any system of control, any method of repression used by Power: surveillance cameras, rubber bullets... Our balloons are an army against the criminalisation of protests. A generator of pleasurable images that represent the social struggle as it really is: diverse, plural and creative.

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