The Confined Hearts Project 2 Favorite 



Sep 28 2016


Sydney Australia

The Confined Hearts Project is creating 1468 terracotta anatomical human hearts, one for each person seeking asylum in Australia but being held in detention on Manus Island and in Nauru. Hundreds of people of all ages, backgrounds and cultures have been involved in making the hearts to date.

The hearts draw attention to our common humanity with those seeking asylum across the world, reminding Australians of those in detention currently out of mind and out of sight. Each heart is unique and many are inscribed with words from the maker.

Installations of the hearts have been occurring as they are being made. Each installation invites people to physically interact with the hearts and to reflect on our connection to the issue of global displacement and 'secure borders'.

A large public installation of all the hearts will take place on December 10, Human Rights Day at First Fleet Park, Circular Quay in Sydney. The hearts will be wrapped in small pieces of cloth and laid out in a spiral formation. People seeing the work will be invited to walk into the spiral and unwrap a heart as an act of welcome.

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