Concrete Creek Favorite 



Mar 24 2001



Utilizing excess construction cement that was being dumped into a creek near Beit Shemesh, Israel, Shai Zakai harnessed the unclaimed cement to create an art installation that brought awareness to the ongoing pollution. The project was entitled, 'Concrete Creek' aimed to bring the community closer to their environment. Zakai installed cement flags and set them among the river. He describes the process as an interdisciplinary approach by involving scientists, artists, the construction company itself, and different community members all together for the project:
"The quarry workers – welders, concrete bridge builders, cement-mixer drivers, foreign workers, Bedouins, moshav members, Palestinians, as well as the quarry and factory owners – all took part in the artistic creation, whether knowingly or unknowingly. I believe that transforming them into “fleeting artists” makes it possible to put issues they have never addressed before on the agenda, thus inspiring a changed state of mind, and consequently, a higher level of awareness."
This effort was ultimately successful in raising money for clean up efforts to remove the excess cement.

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