The City: Pedestrian and Cyclist Cemetery Favorite 


Jan 8 2009


Guadalajara, Mexico

The City: Pedestrian and Cyclist Cemetery 

(Ciudad cementerio de peatones y ciclistas)
 A project by Bicicleta Blanca Guadalajara 

 Since we perceive the world at the size of a human being and not a car, 
 this is an inherently more comfortable scale in which to exist. 
 Julie Campoli and Alex S. MacLean. Visualizing Density 

 The members of Bicicleta Blanca Guadalajara (White Bicycle Guadalajara) have been resisting the imposition of car culture in Mexico for years now. As urban population continues to grow, cities expand and adjust to this growth. However, urban conception and planning reflecting this city view results in cities created by car owners for cars and their drives, excluding walkers, bikers and all other ways of interaction with urban space.
 In Guadalajara, the White Bicycle Collective has started a struggle to recognize cyclists’ rights in the urban space. Seeking local governmental recognition and action to inform and transform infrastructure to promote bike culture in the city this group engaged in a series of activities to create consciousness of bicycle culture in Guadalajara, México´s second largest city.

A concrete action from this group is called The City: Pedestrian and Cyclist Cemetery. In this map, the Bicicleta Blanca collective maps where cyclists have been killed around the city. Each pin in the map is what the group calls a murder, a silent assassination and a sign of injustice and lack of both government and social involvement in civic culture. 

 The map gives voice to those who cannot speak any more and is a strong visual tool to create conscience in Guadalajara. In addition to the map, the activists on this group mount a white bicycle in each of the sites where cyclists are ran over and killed physically mapping the city´s lack of respect for bike riders.
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