Chinese Feminist Occupy the Men's Toilets Favorite 



Jun 25 2014



Women around the world fed up with long lines for the ladies’ restroom have a new folk hero: a Beijing college student leading her own version of an “occupy” movement in southern China.
The target of the protest is an unassuming men’s bathroom in a public park in Guangzhou, where a group of female activists in their 20s gathered outside this weekend with colorful placards to protest unequal wait times outside men’s and women’s public bathrooms. As crowds of onlookers began to form, the women began marching inside the men’s bathroom to make their point — much to the dismay of the men still inside.
In response to the protest, a member of the Guangzhou political consultative committee told local media that the city has already launched a plan to increase the level of toilet parity from a ratio of 1:1 to 1:1.5. In recent years, China’s launched similar efforts to improve and expand public restrooms, including a $40 million commitment to upgrade most of Beijing’s 3,700 public restrooms in time for the Olympics.
Be as that may, the women’s protest is finding plenty of traction online. The phrase “Girls take over men’s bathroom” topped the list of trending topics on Chinese search engine Baidu on Tuesday. One Chinese artist in Shandong Province was so inspired by the movement that he posted a cartoon he created that depicts a Chinese woman standing atop a porcelain toilet — a red revolutionary flag in hand and a smile on her face.

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