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May 4 2013



Message to the world.
We are legalizing CANNABIS everywhere in the world, please support us.

We are making PICTURES showing us as cannabis smokers or growers, and supporting the legalization. In France, the movement becomes bigger and bigger, check this public profile of a french leader of the CANNABIS SOCIAL CLUBS to see how it looks :

Our plan now is to translate the original model of our promotionnal pictures in all the languages of the earth ! Japanese, german, spanish, swedish, arabic, hebrew, greek, nigerian, etc etc....

So please, could you first help us to TRANSLATE this message in YOUR language ?

Then, we will post the models in all those languages on a website centralizing all our documentation.

Here is the text to be translated:

I First name Last name
Please give some information about yourself, like :
• Family status
• Professional situation
• Health status
• …
+ your opinion about your consumption or your autoproduction :
I have been a responsible smoker for … years and autonomous grower for… years.
Now you can load your profile picture to show you are a responsible cannabis-grower or smoker
To help society evolve, I am responsible and I am coming out as a cannabis consumer !"

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