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Jun 12 2013


Los Angeles

Is there a way to make sex ed, big, scary, nasty, icky, sex ed, fun again? In the Spring Quarter of of 2013, UCLA students in the Sex Squad, a performance troupe dedicated to injecting a dose of humor into high school sex education, set out to answer that question through a series of short videos. Written and performed by the Squad themselves, using their own personal experiences as inspiration, these videos, each one coupled with a classroom viewing guide and arts-based processing activity, broached an important topic in the realm of reproductive justice and emotional health. Once completed, the workshop guide and DVD with the videos were made available to teachers in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) as valid lesson plans in line with California State standards.

In March and April of that year, the Sex Squad students combed through the best skits of the past 4 Squads and decided on a range of the 12 punchiest to script and storyboard. That May, they teamed up with production house CUTxCUE to shoot the skits on UCLA campus and San Fernando High School. CUTxCUE edited them in a month, and in May they were released at the 2013 Sex Squad Graduation.

So far feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with the LAUSD AIDS Prevention Unit incorporating it into their official teacher trainings for sex education. The Sex Squad has continued to use Bringing Safe Sexy Back in classrooms and hopes to continue refining the workshop manual so that it can eventually be used in all 1,000+ school in the LAUSD.

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