Breaking the Spell Favorite 



Sep 1 2012


Amsterdam Netherlands

In 2012, VOW Media worked with young girls - who have been victimized by, or are at the risk of falling victim to “loverboys”, as well as girls who have gone through severe traumatic experiences, such as repeated emotional, physical and/or sexual abuse – in a series of workshops where they learned how to utilize different forms of media to create their very own self-portrait with photography, radio, and video. The girls directed, shot, and edited the work themselves, reflecting on their experiences in the past, and expressing feelings and hopes for their futures.
The photography they created is included in an exhibition and in a Breaking the Spell calendar. Their radio show Slam Asja FM, with revelatory interviews about the question - “What they think the difference is, if there is any, between them and girls their age not living in the shelter?” – is available online.
The collection of short videos is available as a DVD for public screenings, specially in schools and youth centers.

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