Bloody Bridal Gown Protest 1 Favorite 


Dec 6 2016


Beirut, Lebabon

Women took to the streets of Beirut wearing blood-stained wedding dresses with signs that said "A white dress does not cover up rape. Undress 522," referring to the number of the penal article in question. The demonstration was an act by the Beirut-based Resource Center for Gender Equality (ABAAD) association on December 6. The rally prompted the parliamentary Committee for Administration and Justice to announce they would abolish the article on December 7.

"We have come to say: don't marry us off to our rapist," said one protestor. "I think that he should be executed or sentenced to life in solitary confinement. The important thing is that he be placed on trial. Somebody hurts us, causes us psychological damage, and makes us ill. We can no longer eat, drink, or think. All we do is wonder: What did we do to deserve this? Is it because we are weak? We are not weak. We are strong."

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