Bill Cosby... Just Admit It Favorite 



Feb 8 2015


Lower East Side, Manhattan

Actor and comedian Bill Cosby is a household name to the American public. But in the last year alone, Cosby's name has been tarnished by decades of hidden scandal. Allegations against Cosby as a sexual predator have recently gained new media traction. Much of this attention was spurred over Twitter thanks to a Cosby "meme generator". The generator allowed for visual representation of past predatory allegations against Mr. Cosby. Allegations include the legitimacy to legal investigations dating back to 2005 from a Ms. Andrea Constand. Constand was the first of 14 other females who claimed that Cosby drugged and sexually assaulted his victims in a formulated and non-consensual manner. The meme generator, ironically launched by Cosby's own PR team, inspired more victims to come forward later in November 2014. A landslide of over 21 additional women made claims against Cosby that year, still continuing on into 2015. A street artist under the name FLOOD in lower Manhattan has brought visual awareness to these corresponding issues of power, image, corruption, and the broken notion of celebrity in American culture - all of which Cosby embodies. Bill Cosby has notoriously settled several of these claims out of court. He has never faced legal repercussions for his actions.

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