Is A Barbie Body Possible? 1 Favorite 



Apr 18 2013



With her long slender limbs, small waist and 'flawless complexion' (at least when she has makeup on), it is no surprise that many young girls dream of being just like Barbie.

However, it turns out that attaining Barbie’s dream bod is almost close to impossible—as highlighted in an infographic by

Titled ‘Is A Barbie Body Possible’, the infographic points out how bizarre and abnormal a life-sized Barbie would look like—and also uncovers the “impossible physical proportions” that are idolized by so many.

By comparing Barbie to an average US woman, it was discovered that Barbie had a neck “twice as long and six inches thinner”—meaning she would be incapable of lifting her own head.

Barbie also has a 16-inch waist (which is ironically smaller than her head), however this leaves her with enough room for “half a liver and a few inches of intestine”.

The infographic also lists out the probability of finding a person with Barbie’s measurements in the generation population—some of which have a probability of one in a few billion.

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