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Mar 9 2016



Beating Cancer is a hard task. Cancer patients spend endless days in the hospital receiving a multitude of tolling treatments that we understand are necessary to save our lives. However, when you're a kid, it isn't always so easy to understand what's going on. As the chemo kills bad cancer cells, it also kills good cells in your body, which causes various unpleasant side effects.

‚ÄčOne of those side effects is losing your hair. This is usually the most visible of the effects which is why it is strongly associated with being sick. Visibly, it sets you apart from those who aren't cancer patients. And unfortunately, there can be quite a stigma that comes along with this, which is why many feel ashamed of their bald head. But by giving young cancer patients American Girl dolls without hair, we're here to tell them something different: Be PROUD of your bald head. Wear it like a badge of honor. It's a sign that you're fighting to stay alive. And that's beautiful.

This is a youth led initiative.
Raquel, the girl behind this project was diagnosed with Leukemia when she was 16. Raquel and her best friend Maria are determined to bring bald dolls to children at the hospital were Raquel is being treated as well as other institutions in Bogot√°, Colombia.

"We want younger children faced with cancer to be able to feel more secure. And we thought maybe dolls who were also bald could help. We think if these children feel mirrored through a companion that looks like them, they will start to embrace who they are and accept their situation."

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