Ayiti: The Cost of Life Video Game 1 Favorite 


Jan 1 2005



Part of the following description is taken from an article posted on the website of Digital-Is National Writing Project (link below):

In 2005, Global Kids Youth Leaders in the Playing for Keeps program chose to design a game that focused on the issue of poverty as an obstacle to education and used Haiti as the location. One of the challenges of designing the game was to produce a game that was realistic and enjoyable to play yet not “preachy”.

The result of their effort is 'Ayiti: The Cost of Life', a role-playing video game in which the player assumes the roles of family members living in rural Haiti. At the start of the game, the player chooses a primary goal for his/her family: achieve education, make money, stay healthy, or maintain happiness. During the course of the game, the player encounters unexpected events and must make decisions that contribute to or detract from achieving the chosen goal.

By playing the game players are made aware of how hard life in Haiti actually is while also learning about various issues such as income distribution in a market economy, how knowledge and skills related to consumer and resources management affect the well-being of individuals, and the impact poverty has on access to education.

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