Avy Search and Rescue Drone 2 Favorite 

A rescue drone for refugees in danger whilst traveling across the Mediterranean Sea.

Last year alone, 3,500 refugees perished attempting to cross the Mediterranean Sea. The Avy Search and Rescue Drone is specifically designed to help refugee boats. The drone is capable of flying long distances, detecting vessels, and can drop life jackets, life buoys, food supplies, medication and communication devices.

Drones for Good Competition

Avy One Search and Rescue has been selected from more than a thousand contestants as a finalist in the international drone competition ‘Drones for good’ in Dubai. The competition selects the best drone and drone-applications with a humanitarian purpose.

‘Drones for good’ is organized by the Dubai ICT-fund and Dubai Telecom and aims to stimulate the development of innovative drones for a better world. Of all the entries, 10 international finalists have been selected to compete in the competition which takes place on the 17th and 18th of February in Dubai.

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