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Jan 1 2014


United States

Pursuing the possibility of emancipatory use of technology, Paglen, together with Jacob Appelbaum, developed Autonomy Cube (2014). Autonomy Cube is a sculpture and internet router designed to be housed in civic spaces. The sculpture is meant to be both “seen” and “used.” Formally it references Hans Haacke's 'Condensation Cube' (1963-65). Inside the cube, however, the wireless router offers free, open-access, encrypted, Internet hotspot which enables private, un-surveyed communication. Anyone can join this network and use it to browse the Internet, undetected.

Autonomy Cube does not provide a normal internet connection. The sculpture routes all Wi-Fi traffic over the Tor network, a global network of thousands of volunteer-run servers, relays, and services designed to help anonymize data. Autonomy Cube is itself a Tor relay, and can be used by others around the world to anonymize their internet use.

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