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Mar 17 2014


All over the world

“Artists Support Ukraine”, an initiative that seeks to bring attention to the Euromaidan protests in Kiev, through art. Organized by the Kadygrob & Taylor Platform for Contemporary Art, the collective engages painters, photographers, video artists, graphic designers, street artists and more who are willing to stand up in support of the pro-democracy forces that helped oust former President Viktor Yanukovych in February -- forces that are currently standing in opposition to advances from the Russian government.

"After a series of pro-democratic protests, the country found itself facing aggression from Russia, including abrupt occupation of Crimean peninsula, inadequate and biased ideological media-coverage, and straightforward violence," reads the group's mission statement. "We are engaging artists and cultural workers from all over the world to make a statement in order to support peace and freedom."

The group has collected together both artworks and statements of support, displayed on the Artists Support Ukraine website. And people are encouraged to share the works on social media.

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