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Jun 5 2014


Luxembourg, Paris

... is this for protest? Perhaps. As is described online, it mentions that there was an attempt taken to challenge power relations, specifically between men and women; however, what I find most fascinating about this 'action' is that it 'demonstrates' the discrepancy between the female body as depicted in the painting, The Origin of the World, and the physically present form of Deborah's own body, i.e. genitalia. This divide aligns in contestation against advertisements manipulating photographs to distort body/facial images. I see this as an action for feminism... Perhaps, you will agree. Here is the story, categorized by Youtube as 'News and Politics' and the link is provided to view the performance.

"Luxembourg artist Deborah De Robertis was taken into custody by French police for indecent exposure after showing her vagina to museum visitors in Paris underneath Gustave Courbet's famous Origin of the World painting.

Dressed in a gold sequin dress, the artist walked into the museum on May 29, sat down below the painting and spread her legs to reveal her vagina in a reflection of the artwork, which shows a woman's genitals and abdomen under the title The Origin of the World.

A museum guard alerted police who took De Robertis into custody for indecent exposure. However, the prosecution decided not to press charges and the Luxembourg artist was released.

Speaking to, De Robertis explained that her performance was not simply an act of exhibitionism, but a reflected action, creating a new tableau in play with the original artwork.

An invitation to the performance, distributed to a limited number of people, said that De Robertis aims to destabilise power relations, as well as reflecting on relationships between men and women, and artists and control over their work.

Working in video art, De Robertis recorded the performance and posted it on YouTube... between September and November 2013, De Robertis was an artist in residence at the "Cité Internationale des Arts Paris" by invitation of the Luxembourg Culture Ministry."

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