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Jan 13 2017



We demand that AATA respond to Karen Pence's stated commitment to our field by asking her to publicly take action for the rights of LGBTQIA people, Native people, Black and Brown people, Muslims, survivors of sexual assault, people with disabilities, immigrants, refugees and all people who are in danger as a result of the policies of the current administration. These people are all of us: they are our family and our friends, they are the clients that we serve. If Karen Pence cannot stand with us then we will not enter into dialogue with her in an attempt to "advance the interests of our field." Our desire for licensure and accreditation does not come before our commitment to the people in our communities and those that we serve.
We will not allow our profession to be used by Karen Pence without holding her accountable for the policies of the administration that she represents. If AATA continues to "express enthusiasm" and "provide support and resources" to Karen Pence, then we will end our association with this organization as it will no longer represent our core values as Art Therapists.
Please join this facebook group to show solidarity and contact AATA through phone calls, email and their facebook page.

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