Anti-Capitalism Art on the Louvre's Glass Pyramid 2 Favorite 



Apr 24 2013



For the first time since its controversial installation in 1989, the I.M. Pei-designed Louvre Pyramid has been decorated in a museum-sanctioned act of anti-capitalist activism.

Italian conceptual artist Michelangelo Pistoletto has imposed a three-looped infinity symbol on the pyramid's western facing wall, overlooking France's major business district La Defense. The symbol is made entirely of mirrors, creating a reflective effect that's intended to urge self-awareness and restraint among France's business community.

“Politicians should look at themselves in the mirror, and learn to take responsibility for this terrible mess and think of the infinite future ahead for humanity,” Pistoletto said. The artist is part of an artistic movement known as “Arte Povera,” which uses vernacular materials to convey messages that condemn capitalism and consumerism.

The infinity symbol is part of a larger installation that Pistoletto was commissioned to do throughout the Louvre Museum. On display until September 2, 2013, “Year 1, Heaven on Earth” also includes over a dozen works that are hidden throughout the museum's cavernous space.

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