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Jan 1 2012



Angry Asian Girls United was created in 2012 by a then-17 year old girl who was frustrated with feeling like there was no place for her to talk about issues of racism and othering. This community has since grown in the thousands and seen hundreds of stories told from Asian girls and women all over the world.
While we mods want to continue to be inclusive towards all Asian girls and women, we recognize that this community’s particular strength lies in serving those of us living in the diaspora in Western countries. Living in the diaspora under normative whiteness brings unique issues and experiences that many of us don’t feel able to voice in the communities we live and work in. AAGU serves as a place to share those stories and be as angry and emotional as we want about it. It is our hope that in sharing our stories and validating our anger, we diaspora’d Asian women can find encouragement, affirmation, and support in one another.
We’re tired of racism, we’re tired of being othered in our communities, we’re tired of being exotic fetishes, and we’re tired of being quiet about it.

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