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Jun 26 2017

‘Activism, Artivism and Beyond; Inspiring Initiatives of Civic Power’

Around the world people are responding to forces that threaten their rights and freedoms in creative and inspiring ways. Every year CIVICUS publishes the ‘State of Civil Society’ report, which maps the many ways and places in which our civic space – the arena in which civil society operates – is under attack.
For the past months, a team of The Spindle and The Broker has researched the vibrancy and innovativeness of civil society around the world, showcasing the various ways in which organizations and activists are overcoming obstacles that limit their civil rights and freedoms. The trends report has been created in cooperation with The Broker and CIVICUS.

The publication was launched at an event on the 26th of June 2017 in The Netherlands, and widely distributed.

Partos is the Dutch Association of CSOs working in development (
The Broker is a knowledge broker in international development (
The publication was made possible by The Spindle, Partos' innovation platform (
CIVICUS is the global civil society network (

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